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What will you learn?

The course covers:

  • Common types of vision impairments and their causes
  • Approaches to orientation and mobility for people living with sight loss
  • The development of indoor and outdoor navigation systems for persons with vision impairment, including indoor positioning systems, mapping, route planning and system functionality
  • Creating audio instructions to support turn-by-turn indoor navigation for vision impaired persons.

Wayfindr has worked with issue-area specialists and the ITU to develop and deliver the Wayfindr Accessible Audio Navigation e-learning course. As indoor digital navigation systems are deployed all over the world, there is a unique opportunity to make them more accessible by providing inclusive audio navigation in compliance with Recommendation ITU-T F.921.


The certificate is valid for three years, after which you will have the option to re-certify and take any updated module content.

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Learning outcomes

Module 1

  • Understand common conditions and how they  can affect vision
  • Distinguish between the different mobility aids and techniques used by VI people for safe, efficient, and effective travel
  • Be able to understand the mobility challenges a VI person might face


Module 2

  • Understand the ways in which people orient themselves in physical spaces and navigate from place to place (wayfinding)
  • Understand the relations between cognitive maps, spatial abilities and human wayfinding particularly in the context of travelling without the use of sight
  • To identify the major assistive technologies being used to augment the user experience in wayfinding in built in environments and how they work  (Wayfinding technology/ assistive technology)
  • Have a clear appreciation for key challenges and issues that need to be catered for in wayfinding


Module 3

  • Identify different indoor positioning systems, and technologies used to locate objects or people inside a building
  • Understand the system requirements of an indoor navigation system
  • Understand the roles of segments and routes in indoor navigation systems
  • Understand the principles that underpin the designing of most accessible route
  • Be able to highlight the importance of feedback and validation from vision impaired people to better understand user needs for each different type of built-environment and system validation
  • Understand how audio-based network navigation systems can be designed to ensure they are inclusive and meet the needs of VI users
  • Be able to implement the necessary techniques to ensure that a wayfinding system is useful, usable, safe, clear, unambiguous and effective


Module 4

  • Appreciate the major features of the built environment where users require audio guidance, thereby augmenting their perception of the physical space through the provision of aural information.
  • Understand the key rules for designing auditory clues and be able to implement predetermined auditory information and clues for digital wayfinding
  • Know how to accommodate users’ needs and experience of audio-based network navigation systems.
  • Know how to overcome specific automatic translation issues that might affect the users’ understanding of the instruction and to ensure the most number of users can benefit from the standard instructions

How will I learn?

The course is a self-paced online modular course. It consists of 4 modules including module main content, additional reading, assessments, interactive learning activities and final assessment. We estimate that it will take around 40 hours to complete

ITU Academy - Certificates of completion

ITU Academy confirms that the following persons have successfully completed the Wayfindr Accessible Audio Navigation e-learning course:

  • David Brun, Canada, confirmed on 7th June 2019
  • Maisa Obied, UAE-Abu Dhabi, confirmed on 7th June 2019
  • Damian Brosseau, France, confirmed on 7th June 2019
  • Marie-Charlotte Moret, France, confirmed on 7th June 2019

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