We are an award-winning startup organisation, with ambitions to help the global community of 285 million blind people navigate indoor environments independently.

Formed in 2015 and based in London, our mission is to empower vision impaired people to overcome isolation, by setting the standard for audio based navigation. We have developed the world's first internationally-approved standard for accessible audio navigation.

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Our mission

Emerging indoor navigation technologies hold the key to a revolution in independent navigation for blind and partially sighted people. In order to achieve the greatest impact globally, we need to develop a consistent standard across wayfinding systems.

This will truly open up a world where vision impaired people are no longer held back by their sight loss, removing barriers to employment, to meeting friends and family and engaging in their community.

The Wayfindr Open Standard aims to do just that.

What people say

The first time testing (Wayfindr) at Pimlico was like we were just ‘normal people’ - well - we are normal people but we were just able to travel on our own through a station, without another human being there to help us. I like to travel, so being able to travel through Euston station alone would be incredible. - Courtney Nugent

Wayfindr Community

We want to see audio wayfinding solutions implemented across the world, in transport networks, shopping centres, hospitals and other places. We can’t do this alone. Through the Wayfindr Community, we are uniting venue owners, digital navigation services, experts in vision impairment and other interested parties.

Alliance Members

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Wayfindr’s Public Transport Hackathon

Over the 21st and 22nd January a group of 30 generous people gave up their weekends to do something that could very well end up benefitting every commuter in London.

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Guest Blog

Why openness is key to the Wayfindr Open Standard

An open standard provides startups, and social enterprises, with an opportunity to empower communities from around the world - by...

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6 Reasons Wayfindr is an Open Standard, not an App

When ustwo and the RLSB Youth Forum started working on the project which became Wayfindr, we saw the solution as an app. As our understanding of...

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