6.0 The aim of the Wayfindr Demo mobile app

We know that there is a community of individuals and organisations worldwide interested in exploring digital wayfinding for vision impaired people. We want to support these people who are planning to explore audio wayfinding in different types of built-environments, e.g. transport, retail, health, cultural and entertainment venues. We have open-sourced the Wayfindr Demo mobile app that has been used in all the Wayfindr trials to date, in order to provide developers, designers and researchers around the world with a free, open tool to conduct their research in context.

This app serves also as a demonstration of the Section 4.3 “Guidelines for mobile app development” as seen in the Wayfindr Open Standard.

We invite all the interested parties to download the Wayfindr Demo mobile app, customise it based on their needs, run their experiments and then share new versions of the app with the Wayfindr community.

We would like to see the app become an evolving open tool to aid the research and development of wayfinding systems for vision impaired people.

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6.1 How was Wayfindr Demo mobile app developed

The Wayfindr Demo app has been developed over the last few years. The functionality of the app is based on user needs that have been identified in our trials and have been improved through continuous iteration.

The reasons behind this functionality and the guidelines for developing digital navigation services for vision impaired people can be found in Section 4.3 “Guidelines for mobile app development” of the Wayfindr Open Standard.

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