The Wayfindr Community is intended to facilitate the open sharing of knowledge, to create the Wayfindr Open Standard for audio wayfinding solutions. The community will share their experience, and expertise, in order to harmonise and strengthen the Open Standard. The Wayfindr Community will also advocate for the implementation of accessible navigation solutions globally. Together the community will actively promote the adoption of audio wayfinding solutions to venue owners, app developers and other relevant parties.

Wayfindr Community

As a member of our Community, you can freely use our Open Standard. As you build upon it, we ask you to contribute your feedback back to us, allowing the whole of the Wayfindr community to benefit from your insights and expertise.


The Wayfindr Community also help us to shape the future of the Open Standard through their contributions to our Working Groups.

Wayfindr Alliance

The Wayfindr Alliance is there to ensure that the Wayfindr Open Standard stays relevant, focused, and timely. They will also ensure that the ambition of the Wayfindr community is achieved. It brings together industry experts, who have an active role in the development and adoption of the Wayfindr Open Standard in their venues, products and services.

Alliance Members