Wayfindr Open Standard Used at M-Enabling Summit with Right-Hear

Tiernan Kenny
August 15, 2017

At this year’s M-Enabling summit in Washington DC, the Wayfindr Open Standard for indoor audio navigation was used in the United States for the first time. Right-Hear, an advanced accessibility solution provider and Wayfindr Community Member, was available at the conference venue. This meant attendees could take advantage of accessible orientation and navigation throughout the event.

Wayfindr Chair and RSBC CEO Tom Pey was among those who used Right-Hear. Tom said “this is just amazing…I’m just jealous I don’t live in Israel where I could use it all the time!”.

Right-Hear CEO and Co-Founder Idan Meir said “We are delighted to have such wonderful feedback on the Right-Hear solution from users and from venues. There is no doubt that having an orientation solution indoors is an essential part of accessibility in public spaces.

Check out the video of Idan and Tom discussing Right-Hear:

Idan also featured on a panel moderated by Tom on Standards for Navigation Apps and Services. Participants and attendees discussed the importance of standardizing audio navigation systems for disabled users. The panel also covered the market opportunities of indoor audio navigation, which is an emerging multi-billion dollar market.

Wayfindr is the first Open Standard for indoor audio navigation in the world, issued on March 1, 2017 as ITU Recommendation ITU-T F.921. Right-Hear’s use of the Wayfindr Standard shows how it can be used with a range of technological solutions. Accessibility solution providers all over the world can use the Wayfindr Open Standard with their products and services to enable vision-impaired people to navigate the world more independently.

If you are using the Wayfindr Open Standard as part of an accessible navigation solution please get in touch and let us know!

Tiernan Kenny

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