What We Do

We are building an Open Standard that will give you the tools to create inclusive, and consistent, experiences for your customers. We have released our first Working Draft, based on real world research, and are now working on the updated version. Our significant expertise in delivering successful trial installations in stations in London and Sydney will help you understand how audio-based wayfinding can help your customers.

How we will work with you




Our work with Transport for London

We have been working with Transport for London for over a year, exploring the potential for audio navigation in an underground environment. In February 2015 we trialled an installation of beacons in Pimlico Underground Station in London. This developed into a further trial at Euston station in late 2015.

We are not yet at the point that this is open to the public, but we are continuing to work together in order to explore ways to make it available in the future. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know when this happens.

We’ve been supporting Wayfindr from its infancy, and are delighted to see it taking off. Our trial at Euston is really putting the system through its paces, to see whether it can fulfil its promise at one of London’s busiest Tube stations. Ultimately this innovative project is about giving our vision impaired customers the flexibility to travel with the same independence and spontaneity as everyone else. - David Waboso, London Underground's Capital Programmes Director